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CIBERTEC SmartWaiter Automatic Control Feeder


CIBERTEC SmartWaiter was patented to be an innovative automatic food deprivation system unique integrated in standard animal cages. The system allows up to 5 different periods a day in which animals have access to the food, eliminating the need to manually remove the food when it is required.

The system is composed of a control unit which handles simultaneously up to 32 automatic feed containers without any cable (wireless technology). New feed containers can be easily added by Plug&Play technology. Lithium batteries make possible more than 2 weeks autonomy.

SmartWaiter brochure.pdf

Video: Real trial with a rodent




Main features & Key benefits:



System Option:

Control Unit

It controls feeding and drinking timing of up to 32 feeders and/or drinkers. 6 protocols can be defined and applied to each weekdays. System status can be visualized through an internet connection from anywere using laptop, tablet or smart phone. In case any incidence is detected by the system an automatic email can be sent.



Smart Feeder

Food container which provides and denies access to food by means of an automatic door. Located on top of any animal cage by means of a small adaptor.



Smart Drinker

Smart Drinker contains a standard water bottle. It is located on animal cages water location and it inserts or removes the watter bottle cap in the cage. 



Smart Dose

Smart Dose delivers predefined food portions into the standard food animal cage location. 



Battery charger rack

4 battery charger rack is available to easily charge batteries. The status of each battery charge process is displayed by means of a led indicator.