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RTC-1 Thermo Controller Surgery Table (low noise)


The Cibertec RTC-1 Thermo Controller for homoeothermic surgery table version allows the user to maintain the body temperature of a small laboratory animals to a certain preselected temperature. 


The heat of the platform  is maintained  by the RTC-1 control unit, low noise because it is working with a DC power supply to minimize any AC ripple interference with the registration of some animal physiological measurements. 


The heat is maintained by the table-associated temperature probe or a rectal thermistor probe


Animal body temperature can be visualized on display of RTC-1 control unit. The temperature is measured by using ciberS1 thermistor and the registered current value shown in the display (sensitive range : 5º - 50º ; diameter ext: 2 mm) 


 The surgery table is available with or without anesthesia mask


Other temperature probes (Yellow Springs YSI) are available on special request :


- YSI 401  diameter ext: 3,70 mm

- YSI 402  diameter ext: 3      mm