Cibertec Smart Waiter is an automatic food deprivation system for standard small rodents housing cages. The system allows up to 5 periods a day in which animals have access to food, eliminating the need to manually remove the food when it is required.

 The system is composed of a control unit which handles simultaneously up to 32 automatic feeders without any cable thanks to its wireless technology. Furthermore in order to completely avoid the problems usually cause wires in housing areas the feeder are powered by means of batteries. The usage of high capacity Lithium batteries and low consumption of the systems make possible more than 2 weeks autonomy.

The control unit features a 5,7” touch screen offering an easy user experience for configuring and visualizing feeding protocols. New feeders can be easily added thanks to its plug&play feature.

On the display, the state of all the feeders can be immediately find in order to detect any problem, such us low battery, communication fail or others. Display can be switched off in order to eliminate the bright stimulus to animals and the status of the system is then indicated by three leds located in the control unit.


Key Features :

- Touch Screen 5,7” – User-friendly  interface

- Wireless communication – Up 32 feeder with the same control unit 

- Battery powered – No more wires.

- Plug & play system for new feeders or existing ones reconnection (i.e battery change).

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