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CIBERTEC Vibristim Vibrissae Stimulator


The Cibertec Vibristim is a vibrissae stimulator system which allows the stimulation on cats and rodents to evaluate the behavioral of vibrissal function.


Vibristim system is fully programmable and can be set up the amplitude and limiting the time in each state ( see - Quick instalation Guide). The range of motion  of the Vibristim device holder is up to 5 mm with frequencies up to 20 Hz.


Key Features:

- A Vibristim controler unit

- A Vibristim device holder which provides a perfect fit to a stereotaxic system. 

- Glass capillary of 1,8 mm ext. diameter. 

- Glass capillary are removable and exchangeable






Input pulse frecuency



Input pulse duration

60 sec

25 ms

Input pulse amplitude


TTL- 5 v

    • Vibristim System Quick Guide
    • CIBERTEC VIBRISTIM- Quick Installation Guide.pdf
    • Vibristim System Quick Guide
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