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RTC-1 Thermo Controller Surgery Table (low noise)


The Cibertec RTC-1 Thermo Controller for homoeothermic surgery table version allows the user to maintain the body temperature of a small laboratory animals to a certain preselected temperature. 


The heat of the platform  is maintained  by the RTC-1 control unit, low noise feature means it is working with a DC power supply to minimize any AC ripple interference with the registration of some animal physiological measurements. 


The thermoregulation is performed by comparing the temperature of internal probe of the table (which is continuously reading-in and storing measurements) with preselected temperature in the unit. It is also possible to perform the temperature feedback using the external probe.


The unit displays temperature of the heater and the external probe in a 5” touch screen using high size digits in order to be easily visualized from anywhere in the lab. Touch screen also permits the configuration of the system in a very intuitive way. 


ciberS1 probe is a external temperature probe of stainless steal of 2mm diameters which can be use for both rat and mice.


 The surgery table is available with or without anesthesia mask and in rat and mice sizes